Presentation/Interview Preparation

Throughout the past 22 years, Sherry Ann has prepared hundreds of pursuit teams for major presentations and interviews. From state DOTs to city/county governments to municipal entities to toll authorities, understanding and aligning the skillset of each pursuit team to the needs of your clients is critical to a successful outcome. Her experience entails working with various levels and abilities across the spectrum to include Q&A preparation, message development, presentation coaching, rehearsal facilitation, and content refinement/development. So, give her your proven Project Manager who’s eyeing that next big opportunity or your nervous presenter who is yearning to win a job. She welcomes the opportunity to work with all to secure the win.

Client Relationship Planning

Client Relationship Planning is a well-coordinated dance between the consultant and the client/owner. It takes a lot of practice and adjustment over time in order to achieve desired goals. Sherry Ann will walk you through this unique opportunity to identify those in your organization who would pair well with clients in order to win more work, strategize internally and test relationships with decision-makers on the client side. This includes client program understanding, client relationship mapping, client contact planning (how to ask your client the right questions), and multi-dimensional client discovery (feedback gained through direct client audits or pursuit debriefs). Putting all these attributes together will ensure that you win the client again and again.

Proposal/Pursuit Capture Planning

Once you have established relationships with the clients you want to serve, you must identify opportunities where your organization can add value and grow. That requires a focused plan to gather discovery on those opportunities and a plan to win the work prior to client advertisement. Utilizing her years of experience and strategic expertise, Sherry Ann will work with your teams to prepare and implement a capture plan to win the job!

Strategic and Mega Proposal Reviews

Whether it’s complementing your in-house marketing team or providing 3rd party QC reviews, Sherry Ann’s experience lends itself to working in any environment to ensure the win. And when she is in proposal review mode, she looks for opportunities to ask the tough questions in order to ensure that every Letter of Response gets advanced to the shortlist phase and every proposal gets the attention it deserves through in-depth quality editorial reviews at every level – preliminary (pink), interim (red), and final (gold); as well as working with teams to ensure message/differentiator development.

Strategic Pursuit Development

To win those coveted pursuits and compete at the highest levels, it will take time and attention to properly flesh out those value-added benefits and ensure that your team being proposed is second to none. Sherry Ann thrives on working with pursuit teams to uncover the unique qualities they possess that add value to clients. She revels in the hunt for hidden gems that will elevate teams to “preferred consultant” status with agencies and organizations. Your time is limited, and Sherry Ann excels in pulling this information together in an efficient and precise way. 

Marketing Talent Identification

This is where Sherry Ann will sit with you to truly understand your strengths and pair those talents with prospective employers to achieve a mutually-beneficial partnership. From helping you to develop your individual resume or prepping you for an upcoming interview, her goal is to get you comfortable with understanding your worth and leveraging your abilities at the highest levels.